Custom Vendor Programs

We can customize a specific program for vendors of any industry. Custom lease applications, pre-funding programs, 24-hour approval, check in hand site inspection programs, and trade show advertising to work in conjunction with a specific industry.

Please call our sales office for a detailed analysis on our vendor programs that can help grow both vendor and end users.

  • Leasing offers your customer the ability to spread the costs of the equipment over time that works best for business. Certain structures can also put them is a position to capture significant tax advantages.
  • Leasing Closes More Sales. Selling payments is easier than selling price, helping to overcome Price Objections.
  • Companies that offer financing get more deals than those who do not. Many customers don't like to ask about financing, as they feel it puts them in a weaker negotiating position. Incorporate financing as a routine component of each sale, and watch your numbers sail.
  • Leasing leads to repeat business. When a customer experiences the seamless cooperation between Omega Capital Partners, LLC and your company for their purchases, they won't hesitate to call you for future acquisitions and upgrades.
  • Offering financing keeps you in control of the sale. You don't have to wait around, out of the communications loop, while your customer is seeking outside financing. This allows you to better understand your sales pipeline and utilize your resources accordingly.

****Private Label Program - Our application in your name to help boost your sales****

Vendors - 3 steps to Get Started Now.

  1. Call us - We would like to know all about your business and products you offer. The better we understand your business the better we can assist you and your customers.
  2. Print our downloadable vendor information form, fill it out and fax back to us. Upon receipt we will contact you to follow up.
  3. Have your customers fill out our downloadable application and fax it to us. We will contact you immediately upon receipt to continue. Communication is vital and we pride ourselves on quick response time with our vendors.

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